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    Meditation for Parents

    meditation that aligns with parental needs
    An audio course

Parents can meditate

Did your meditation end the day you had kids? Are your desire to meditate and your parental responsibilities in conflict?

Meditation is possible as a parent of young children. Meditation can form a bedrock of family life with your children.

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With your Children

Learn to meditate when your children are present!

Quiet time

You meditate, your children have quiet time.


Learn how to co-regulate with your children - how as you calm, so will your children.

“Bad” behaviour

Discover how meditation can give you a whole new, child respecting approach to your child’s distress or “bad” behaviour.

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Parents Meditation

In development since 2003, this approach to meditation has been bourne of necessity. Many, of not most traditional ways of teaching meditation do not take into account the needs of parents of young children. Discovered over decades, presented here are learnings from teaching meditation to parents of young children, typically aged zero to six or seven.

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Online course with led meditations helping you learn this approach in a staged manner.

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